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Normality in Limbo
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Normality in Limbo Bernly Normal was a man who caused those closest to him to rock back on their heels and say that his name was more contradictory to him than knickers on an avocado. His world was a world unknown to even those that knew him best. He walked the line between reality and insanity frequenting the latter considerably more than the former. His imagination knew no boundaries and though many may believe that this would be an admirable attribute, it was what had lead him, not all together willingly, into one of the finest and yet most...
bones and then he saw them. At first he had thought that it was the fourth horseman of the apocalypse but upon closer inspection he discovered that it was in, fact, a knight riding upon a great orange donkey with a tousled mane. He had come to know them so well in the past that he had given them both names. The knight he had called Destruction and the beast upon which he rode was named Disaster. For as Bernly Normal knew only too well, where Disaster walked, or in this case trotted, Destruction was never far behind?óÔé¼?ª

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