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The trenches- a diary account
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Diary log 1 I was captain of my platoon. We had been placed in the trenches. My orders were to hold my position. My men were tired and most of them had gun holes in there heads for you see there is one gunner who is fixed on our location and there was no way we could hold this trench because I only had fifteen men. And he had a sub machine gun. The living conditions are horrible every second fearing the rats, lice ticks and worse of all the Nazi's. Diary log 2 We had...
decided to signal the others in. it was cold and wet German and English corpses everywhere. I stopped dead I could her faint German shouting and then out of the blue shot mowed half my men down luckily I shielded myself with a German body. Was injured in my left leg and was lucky it wasn't deep.

Diary entry 4

I was rescued early morning by a group of men with orders to come see who died. To this day I pray to meet the man that shot me so I can return the favour.

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