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Withered Arm
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Introduction The two main characters, Rhoda Brook and Gertrude Lodge, which the story 'The Withered Arm' is based on, are very different. Rhoda Brook is a single mother and is feeling alone and unloved. She is always suspicious of what is happening. She feels guilty if she does something wrong and cannot say no if some body asks her to help them. An example of this is when Rhoda thinks she is to blame for the markings on Gertrude's arm, she also doesn't really want to go see Conjuror Trendle with Gertrude about her arm, but she...
probably from shock, but her arm did heal.


The two characters are very different in the fact that they have different reactions to certain things and the way they need to know what is happening. Rhoda is definitely the bravest, but Gertrude is the most independent. Gertrude has got the worst fate even though Rhoda has lost her son. I think Gertrude is an innocent victim and I don't think Rhoda was evil. I probably prefer Rhoda the best because she is very brave and very helpful, she also is quite independent, and works very hard.

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