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in what ways could the hound of the baskervilles be described as a gothic novel?
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In what ways could "the Hound of the Baskervilles" be described as a gothic novel? A gothic novel is thought to be a novel of horrors and mysteries, it has a theme and a philosophy of the "world's evil", a representation of something supernatural and mysterious. Its plot is bound up with secret murders. There are various obvious characteristics of a gothic novel and I have to investigate each other them in detail to establish the genre of "The Hound of the Baskervilles". Sir Arthur Connan Doyle was a qualified doctor of medicine. He published his first Sherlock...
all a deep sense of evil, but it is fundamentally a detective novel. Connan Doyle has written many books it the detective genre using Sherlock Holmes before. I think this book it just another slant on the detective genre. It includes murders and mysteries but these would be equally and home in both genres. I feel Connan Doyle's biggest swing towards a gothic novel is his setting for the novel. Setting it on a barren wasteland with "swirling mists" and "dangerous moor land" is a fundamental characteristic of a gothic novel and Connan Doyle achieves this feel perfectly.

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