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An Inspector call
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An Inspector Call Characters- Eric Introduction: For my essay I chose Eric because of his difference in personality from the other protagonist. Eric is a young man who likes getting his own way and being the centre of attention. I said this because of this quote" Look here I've had enough of this, "which shows that he willing to take control of a situation and impose his views on others. The quotes call the audience attention. At beginning of act one, all the characters are quite enjoying Sheila engagement with Gerald. In...
accuses the other of pretending nothing's happened and he says " you lot may be letting yourselves out nicely", he acknowledges he stole money and tells Gerald , Eric knows " the money's not the important thing". He knows that the life of the girl is more important than that unlike his father and mother , he gets depressed that his parents seem to be having " cosy chat" about it. By the end of play he accepts responsibility for what he did" the fact remains that I did what I did"  

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