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Analyse the openings of the two film versions of "Lord of the Flies." Which opening do you consider the most effective and why?
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William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies. The first publication was made in 1954, nine years after the end of the Second World War. Golding raises the issues of power, civilisation and leadership. Peter Brook and Harry Hook filmed the two film versions of Lord of the Flies I am comparing in 1963 and 1994 respectively. Peter Brook"s version was filmed in black and white and Harry Hook"s version was filmed in colour. The openings used in both versions were very dramatic. They both gave us the gist of what had happened straight away. In my opinion, the opening...
white version of Lord of the Flies has a more effective opening, even thought it was set in an era where technology wasn"t that advanced. I think it showed a clear interpretation of what had happened in the opening sequence with just the stills. It told the audience exactly what had happened in a series of pictures. Harry Hook"s version is also impressive, however, Brooks" stands out more. I think the key points are shown more clearly, for example, the contrast between the sizes of Jack and Ralph when they"re put forward to the vote for chief.

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