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Business Task 2
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Explaining the sources of advice I have used in order to help me produce my plan In this pass criteria I am going to explain the sources of advice I have used which have helped me with my plan. These include a questionnaire which I made up and asked to someone who actually set up their own hairdresser. This is one of my sources which I have used to help me produce my plan. I also obtained a lot of information from a business adviser who came in to give us a talk. I also seeked...
called convenience. This helps profit.

Ways of helping you start up in business are offered from banks, accountants etc. Banks offer free banking for new businesses, free business reviews to discuss how to save money, time and supporting your business in the future. Also start up guides are available covering a wide range of topics such as, tax issues, cash flow forecasts and protecting your trade name etc. Also a book keeper available on CD-ROM. Although banks offer all this in the long run they will make plenty of money out of you through this.

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