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The first poem I am going to look at is Charlotte O"Neil"s song.
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The first poem I am going to look at is Charlotte O"Neil"s song. Charlotte O"Neil is servant who looks on her life as gruelling and dull. Her heart sets on an exciting new life in New Zealand were she hoped to live her life as "luxurious" as her mistress. We learn about Charlottes O"Neil"s lifestyle and how it differs from her mistress's and with that we can answer why she wrote this poem. In the poem it clarifies that Charlotte O"Neil was bored with her work and felt she could do more from her independents and individuality. Her harsh...
the poem sets up a contrast between two lives - that of the servant, and that of the master and mistress, by using "I've" and "You",

"You rang your bell and I answered..."

The last line more or less repeats line 20. On the page it is presented as a stanza by itself,

"and you can open your own front door."

Both things emphasise the line so it creates a triumphant conclusion and this helps us appreciate the type of character Charlotte is, independent, powerful and tuff even though she has been trodden on.

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