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Evaluation of George Orwell's 1984
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1984 is a remarkable futuristic novel by George Orwell about how life would be under an oligarchic regime. Northern stage, a local acting group, performed it. George Orwell wrote the stunning play in 1948. He based the play on how he thought life would be like in 1984 and how a strict association would rule it. He thought everyone would be the same, act the same and have to be dressed the same and they were to show no emotion towards each other. Northern stage went to Moscow to produce a film; parts of this film were played on...
were heard while enlarged images of Winston being beaten appeared disturbing. Winston hated rats and so when he was being tortured at the end they played sounds of rats squeaking which added character to the end.

They introduced different levels by using the screens to stand on the back of. The shop owner Mr Charrington stood up there, which showed his authority over Winston. Also at the end when they were torturing Winston, he was lying in a box and the man was standing over him. This showed how the man had won. See diagram 2

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