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Explore the ways Dickens uses places and atmosphere in 'Great Expectations'.
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Dickens wrote 'Great Expectations' in 1860. It is now well renowned for being a dark, atmospheric novel, set in 19th Century Victorian England. Charles Dickens is widely known today for the success of his novels, and his excellence in using fictional, atmospheric places in 'Great Expectations' to reflect the minds of characters and to explore significant themes, such as class, crime, and love. Dickens uses symbolic description to convey messages about these themes, thus creating appropriate atmospheres for the characters. Dickens prepares the reader for the grimness of the novel as a whole by introducing melancholic places using literary...
of his son's 'fine place' and is described himself as 'clean, cheerful, comfortable, and well cared for.' Dickens stresses the fond bond between them both and their enthusiasm for living life in the 'castle', away from reality.

Dickens uses settings in 'Great Expectations', such as the marshes and Satis House to create a dark, ominous mood. However, he then uses Wemmick's 'castle', a delightfully different place to portray a cheerful atmosphere. The different tones that Dicken's creates help prepare the reader for the novel as a whole by stressing Pip's struggle to reach his 'Great Expectations'.

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