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Lord Of The Flies - A gift For The Darkness - Chapter Analysis
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When Ralph tells Piggy what they saw, he is quite skeptical. Ralph tells him that the beast had teeth and big black eyes. Jack says that his hunters can defeat the beast, but Ralph dismisses them as boys with sticks. Jack tells the other boys that the beast is a hunter, and says that Ralph thinks that the boys are cowards. Jack says that Ralph isn"t a proper chief, for he is a coward himself. Jack asks the boys who wants Ralph not to be chief. Nobody agrees with Jack, so he runs off in tears. He says...
it. Simon frames nature in terms of its Endemic qualities, but the Lord of the Flies is a direct contradiction of that view. Instead, it is a Hobbesian reminder that life in the most basic state of nature is in fact nasty, brutish and short. The pig"s head has deep religious connotations: the phrase "lord of the flies" is a translation of the Hebrew word Ba"alzevuv, or its Greek equivalent Beelzebub. The pig"s head is thus a symbol of Satan, but this devil is not an external force, but rather an internal evil created by the boys themselves.

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