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News paper article critique.
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In his article "Check diseases coming in the back door", V. K. Chin, an editorial adviser to the star, comments about the reasons and also the dangerous of diseases that spread all over in Malaysia by the foreign workers. This is a quite serious problem if the diseases really spread fast in our country. The author of this comment is Datuk V. K. Chin, he is a writer for The Star Newspaper. He often writes his comment about current issues in The Star Newspaper. This article was his comment which prints on 6 Chin started his comment with...
did all the necessary things and already try many ways, but they can't stop it 100%. So they should not be blame on the problem. Besides that, I also think the standard of the medical examination already good, no need become stricter. This is because we cannot sure 100 % the reasons of can't stop the disease is the checkups not enough strict. There are many more reasons that maybe made the disease spread in Malaysia. As a conclusion, I strongly disagree with V. K. Chin comment and I hope the problem can solve as soon as possible.

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