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The Atom Bomb
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At the end of WWII the americans droped the atom bomb on Hiroshima Aug 6 1945 and Nagasaki Aug 9 1945 two Japanease cities. This was a result of japans early attempts to make an empire in south-east asia. Japan had motives for making an empire in south-east asia. one was its growing population and it needed more space to expand, also Japan had little to none raw materials and they had to import them from other countries. After WWI Japan was disappointed because they fought along side the allied and at the end of the war Japan...
use a weapon of mass destruction, but Japan refused to surrender. On the 6 August 1945 the American bomber Enola Gay flew over the Japanease city of Hiroshima and droped the atom bomb Little Boy which killed and destroyed the whole city and the few how survived died a few days later due to radiation sickness. Three days later ,9 August 1945, the Americans droped another atom bomb Fat Man on the Japanease city of Nagasaki. On the 14 August 1945 the Japanease government surrendered and most of the generals commited suicide. The allies governed Japan untill 1952.

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