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Love Poems date back excuse the pun over 100's and 100's of years.
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Love Poems date back excuse the pun over 100's and 100's of years. Since language and writing began people have sent each other expressions of their love, pictures, gifts and poems. In each of the hundreds of spoken languages of the world there is a subsection of words to express the feeling of love, and these words are what makes the foundations of every love poem, however, each writer must then make their own feelings known with their own words. Poems usually consist of a number of stanzas verses and often rhyme, although a poem does not have...
and his lover IS the entire world.

In conclusion I did not enjoy this poem quite as much as Valentine, however I did think it was a rather good poem, it has somewhat of a rhyme scheme going, it used fantastic and elaborate vocabulary to get its message across, but something lacked in the personal part of the poem, in that with all this fantastic language, maybe he was writing only to impress his lover rather than serenade her with writings of love. This begs the question; does love come from the heart, or the head?

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