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In my essay I am going to discuss how Peter Medak gained the viewer's sympathy for Derek Bentley in the film 'Let him have it!'.
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In a lot of films, film directors use bias when making a film. They use it to make people feel or influence for or against someone or something. Bias means a feeling or influence for or against someone or something it can also mean a tendency to swerve and also a slanting direction. Peter Medak directed this film in a very biased point of view. I think Peter Medak wanted to make the film 'Let him have it!' to make people think about injustice and also capital punishment because if someone is found guilty of a crime they did...
law convicts an innocent person then they are now dead and their death is in justified, they cannot be brought back to life as if they where in prison they could be let out even though they have lost some of their life they are still alive and to start again. Also by giving people how are guilty the death sentence they do not have to think about what they have done and live with it for the rest of their lives. If people are put into prison then they have a second chance to make their lives right.
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