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Breakfast at Tiffany"s
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Holly Golightly is one of the most interesting and complicating characters that can ever be written about. She doesn"t even know her own self. Holly thinks that she is independent and self reliant. "I"ve taken care of myself for a long time."p.27 Even OJ Berman her agent knew that she was full of her self. "She isn"t a phony, she"s a real phony. She believes all this crap she believes." p.30 Holly also used to steal things, which she thought was a way of being independent and survival. No matter what she thinks or does, shoplifting is not a healthy...
1960"s unless there was truly a good reason. Today, women work for themselves, make their own money and raise a child all by them selves. This lifestyle would never happen to Holly Golightly. She is just way to dependent on other men for that. There are so many divorces today because woman are more independent then they ever were before. Holly and women of her generation were heavily dependent on men. It"s okay that it is very easy to file a divorce most of the time, but sometimes marriages aren"t taken seriously because of the availability of the divorce.
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