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How does the film 'Witness' show the clash between the Amish culture and modern American culture?
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The film 'Witness' was released in 1985, which was directed by Peter Weir. In this film Peter Weir uses a mixture of camera shots, dress and lighting to show the clash between the Amish culture and modern American culture. The narrative technique time and place to emphasize the two different cultures. The Amish are people who don't accept modern ideas and innovations. The Amish believe in their interpretation of the bible and Gods teachings. One narrative technique that Peter Weir uses to show the clash between American culture and Amish culture is lighting. In the Amish...
Samuel go to the city and they see someone riding a horse and carriage while they are modern transport to the city.

During the film Peter Weir has used many sets to portray the two different cultures like the fields, countryside for the Amish Culture. For the American culture Peter Weir has used the city to show culture and to show a new perspective from Samuels eyes.

My conclusion from the film is that Peter Weir has used many narrative techniques such as camera shots, costume, and music to portray the differences between Amish and American cultures.

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