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Any scenario that includes people trapped in a conditioned T.
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Any scenario that includes people trapped in a conditioned T.V sitcom or Big Brother-style control automatically presents comparisons to the Truman Show. The Truman Show is a film about Reality. Truman's truth is all a lie masquerading under harmony but fortunately or could be said unfortunately he identifies the truth of himself. The moral to this story is - What we become comes within, not from the outside. The Truman Show addressed television's relation to society, a lecture on the ludicrousness of an idealised society and especially referred to spectatorship. In my opinion media is portrayed in both negative...
that the Chinese geriatric set hasn"t as much practice with it as yet.

Nevertheless the results in both countries are the same. They involve the ultimate victory of social cultural change in both instances being delayed until the dying off of an elderly generation in power ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£ a generation refusing to die or hand over the controls at the proper time like the generations before them.

In result in both films, is that moral is treat everyone like you wished to be treated in a co-operative society.

Pleasantville = **** The Truman Show = ***

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