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Romeo and Juliette
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When I watched a Version of Romeo and Juliet the first thing I became aware of was the prologue being spoken, it tells us of two star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who are destined to love, the words 'star crossed lovers' indicates that fate and destiny may be a strong theme to the story. But alas the love was not to be as we learn the twos vast love for each other is halted by the perils of the warring families each are members of. The prologue is a good way to set the scene which Shakespeare...
some advice to the actor performing this scene I would say make sure he understands the text before he says it, this also would be vitally important for anyone acting in a play with old and sometimes confusing language such as many of Shakespeare's plays. If I were to give the director one piece of advice it would be to get plenty of close-ups of Romeo to exaggerate the feelings he is performing with facial expressions and hand gestures of course it would be important to tell the actor to perform the hand gestures and facial expressions also.

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