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The portrayal of Nazism in Triumph of the Will, Schindler's List, The Lion King and Cabaret
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Why are people still so fascinated by the Nazis? I think it is because of the 'horror factor' which is similar to scary films. You ask yourself how a human can do such things as the Nazis did and the same question is asked in psychological horror films. This question I think is why people are still so fascinated by fascism. In this essay, I will discuss the films: Triumph of the Will, Schindler's List, Cabaret and The Lion King, and how they portray the Nazis. During the 1930s under the Nazis, Hitler commissioned Leni Riefenstahl to make a...
certainly impressive in The Lion King of course there is no cinematography because it is animated. The use of music and images is very effective, especially in Schindler's list but for all I know there may be no plot or terrible acting throughout the rest of the film so I can not properly analyse it. As a turn of the century viewer I feel I have to forget all my preconceptions about the Nazis to really enjoy these films, though if I found myself enjoying Triumph of the Will, I think that I would start feeling guilty.

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