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Written Analysis:the omen
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The film that I have chosen for my analysis is, 'The Omen' made in 1976, written by David Seltzer and directed by Richard Donner. The aspects that I will be analysing are mise-en-scene and cinematography which are the types of camera shots and movements. The extract that I have chosen is where, ambassador Robert Thorn finds out that his wife, Kathy, is pregnant and wants an abortion. The film follows continuity editing. "I'm pregnant Robert" is the opening extract. The mise-en-scene is opulent. 70s mansion utopian feel: large leather couch; big television; lavish paintings; expensive looking lamps; pool...
part of him is willing her to fall. It then cuts to an extreme close-up of her losing her grip and falling with very bad effects to the floor below. Damien is nonplussed by the incident. Medium long shot of him edging away from the railings, then running away, as he has though some humanity and he realised what he has done and runs away from the guilt. The extract ends with a close-up of Kathy lying on the floor. With blood dripping from her mouth, climaxing and leaving the audience wondering if she is dead or not.

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