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Aswan Dam
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The Aswan Dam is to be found in Egypt, subject to the River Nile that runs through the centre of Egypt, This Nile is said to be the largest rives in the world. This has now led to the creation of an artificially made lake. This lake is named the lake Nasser, held back behind the Aswan dam. The Nile Runs across the northern regions of Africa into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile begins in the Victoria and the other 2 large lakes Albert and Edward near by. As the river flows further north it is occupied...
population or tourist capabilities. Money is being made by tourism and therefore it can be spent on food and Health, and all its sanitation. Floods are still going to happen in the course of the future but now they are prepared and the extra water can irrigate desert land.

The Aswan Dam has overcome its disadvantages and people are happy and pleased with its construction. This again brings me to my point I believe that the Aswan Dam was a success. Disadvantages are to be improved and everything has them.

The Aswan Dam Was A Success

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