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Geography coursework in swanage
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Deposition Waves usually approach beaches in long sweeping curves, at an angle to the beach. The force of the waves carries and drops materials such as sand, shingle, pebbles and sometimes larger rocks. More is deposited in some places than others; for example in a bay such as Swanage Bay, the sand will be deposited in greatest quantity at the centre, with less at each end of the curve. Longshore Drift Over time, the sand, shingle and pebbles of a beach are swept along the beach by waves, and there will often be pebbles on a...
wind and sea. As we climbed up onto the headland itself the views were absolutely spectacular I had never seen anything like it, with views of Poole bay and the Isle of Wight.

Most of the cliffs here are soft clays and sands, with harder layers of ironstone in between. The research I did has shown me that in the last two hundred years the cliffs have moved back about one hundred metres - unless the coastline is protected soon the sea could break through and cut off the head causing it to form its own island.

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