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investigation on the changing characteristics of a drainage basin.
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Aim: To investigate the changing characteristics of a drainage basin. Location: Epping Forest, Essex River: Loughton Brook Date: Thursday 29th November 2001 Weather: Very dull, spells of light drizzle, overall very damp EPPING FOREST AND LOUGHTON BROOK Epping Forest is an area of about 6000 acres 24 lengths of football pitches. This area is a mixture of mixed broadleaved woodland and open grassland. Loughton Brook is situated on a ridge of highland lying between the valleys of the River Roding to the east and the River Lea to the west. ...
the meter sticks at a quarter of the way, half way, 3 quarters of the way of the river. The meter sticks had to touch the ground so a member of the group went in the water to hold it. Once the results were recorded we had to find the average depth of the river to do this we used a formula.

The only problem was that they were many pebble loads at the bottom of the river so it made the meter ruler hard to stand or avoided it touching the ground.

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