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Jesus at Nazareth
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Jesus at Nazareth Questions: 1 Describe what happened when Jesus visited Nazareth and show what people thought about him on this occasion. 2 Comment on how this occasion was fulfilled in Luke's Gospel Answers: 1 Jesus visited Gallilee and then went to his hometown, where he was brought up by Joseph and Mary, in Nazareth. On the Sabbath, which was a day of rest dedicated to God, he went to the synagogue assembly as always. In the synagogue they firstly read the Pentateuch and then from the book of the Prophets. Jesus stood up to...
resurrection he saved all people from eternal death. Moreover, Jesus said that a prophet is not welcomed at his home town. This come true as Jesus is later on rejected by his people and is crucified and dies on the cross. Jesus, with his reference to Elijah and Elisha was implying the he has come for the whole world, and indeed during his lifetime he saved people from all nations. He saved the Roman's Centurions servant, ad also told his disciples to go and preach good news to all nations. This shows Luke's and Jesus' interest in universalism

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