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Medicine Throughout The Ages- Exam Notes
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Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptian people did not move around like the prehistoric people. Some areas, such as the Nile valley were fertile and offered greater security for settlements to farm and so survive all year round. People settled in towns and not everybody had to till the soil for survival, some became the first priests and doctors. Public health problems began to emerge when large numbers of people lived together. Patients were examined and simple surgery was performed. The Egyptians had powerful religious beliefs, with many gods e.g. Thoth, god of healing. Gods still provided the explanation for...
factories illegal. 1866 Sanitary Act - This made local authorities responsible for sewers, water and street cleaning. 1868 Act - This encouraged the improvement of slum housing or its demolition. 1871 Vaccinations Act - This made sure that the previous vaccinations act was obeyed. 1875 Artisans Dwelling Act - This made the house owners responsible for keeping their properties in good order and gave local authorities the right to buy and demolish slums if they were not improved. 1875 Public Health Act - This brought together a range of acts covering sewerage and drains, water supply, housing and disease.
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