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Explain the growth of german nationalism.
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4 factors: Background information on nationalism The Zollverien-a Prussian economy Attitude of Prussia-explain Hostility of Austria-Explain Factor 1 In the early days of German nationalism there was widespread enthusiasm and encouragement for nationalism to grow in the German states, however this appeal was limited. Such eagerness came from Philosophers, writers and academics. Those who were brave enough to speak out were infact imprisoned or dismissed form their posts for example; Jahn was imprisoned for 2 years. In fact universities were the main breading grounds for liberal and nationalist ideas, this resulted in...
by passing the carlsbad deccrees in 1819 which meant cencorships of books, newspapers and proffesors.

In 1832 more censorship was giving states more power against opposition groups, they didnt want to see a growth in german natiuonalism as it was a threat to them. Austria was enthusiastic to remove constitution at Olmutz. This meant she wasn't as icolated prussia accepted renewal of austria pre- eminence.

The austrian road block had to be over come for the growth of nationalism to continue.

Therefore it is possible to conclude that the growth of nationalism had limited appeal

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