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How effectivly did the Nazi"s control Germany?
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The Nazis' Aim The Nazis' objective was based on 'the Nazi Project'. This projects main idea was that all Germans were part of a 'master race' Herren Volk; this master race would be a strong, racially pure 'Volksgemeinschaft' which is roughly translated to 'national community'. To achieve this they had to make Germany a totalitarian state, which is a state that tries to control what people do and think. Controlling Germany Hitler and Goebbels both new that they had to make Hitler a cult figure to the German people. Goebbels became the Minister for Enlightenment and...
Hitler didn't have his charisma and Goebbels propaganda he may have had to rule through force using the SS and Gestapo, this would have caused more uprisings and the Nazi control of Germany would not have been as good. The only real threat to Nazi rule was the resistance in the army but it was still a rather weak opponent. The Nazis Controlled Germany extremely effectively as they led by consent rather than force and gave the Germans what they wanted which was economic recovery and success in foreign policy in return most Germans became loyal to Hitler.

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