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'how far are the tensions in northern ireland due to the events of 30th january 1972 and how far are they due to events in the past'
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The tensions that are apparent in Ireland today, are due to a mixture of events from the relatively distant past, such as the plantations, and also the recent past, such as 'Bloody Sunday'. The reasons behind the problems that caused these events to happen are deeply ingrained in the divisions between the Unionists and Nationalists. The history of Ireland is littered with examples of enmity between these two groups, and their factions, e.g. the Battle of the Boyne, the Potato Famine, the Easter Rising, and the British troops in Ireland. The tensions in Ireland are partly due to...
such as Gerry Adams have been talking with the British government and other parties in Ireland to find a peace settlement that was agreeable to all of the people concerned. It is still under discussion today. To succeed in these discussions, both the politicians and civilians have to ensure that the past events will not cloud their perceptions and cast a shadow over the negotiations. Also, to get all of the Irish people to agree to something, all of the politicians have to be able to ensure 100% that the events of the past will not be repeated.

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