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Why did America withdraw from Vietnam
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There are many reasons why the U.S.A had to withdraw from the Vietnam War. Popular opinion, the American media, the cost of the war and Vietcong tactics are some of the factors which eventually caused America to accept defeat and leave Vietnam. In this essay I am going to analyse these factors and explain why it was inevitable that America were not able to succeed in Vietnam. The main objective of American involvement in Vietnam was to contain communism and prevent North Vietnam from taking over the South and uniting them as a communist state. And in the...
from scarce, the impact this had on the war effort as a collective was minuscule. You could say this was because the USA went into Vietnam in the wrong frame of mind; but the fact of the matter is they re-planned and tried every tactic under the sun, even a stab at Vietcong guerrilla warfare, but in the end the enemy proved just too tricky to deal with. This is all clear to see and comment on when we have the advantage of hindsight, but perhaps American victory in Vietnam was just another chapter in the American Dream.

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