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Why did the Battle of the Somme did not achieve its objectives?
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On the morning of the 1st of July 1916 the Battle of the Somme commenced. This battle had been planned for a long time, its objective was to break the stalemate between the trenches. It was also to help and relieve the French who were suffering heavily at Verdun, just south of the Somme. However despite planning and good intentions the Battle of the Somme did not go to plan there were many different reasons for the failure in it achieving its objectives. One of the major things that did not mean things were in British favour was the...
first day out of 110,000 who attacked 60,000 were killed or wounded. The planners did not have any idea that a massacre of this scale would happen. The greatest factor that meant the Battle of the Somme did not achieve its objectives was the poor planning and tactics. The fact the Germans knew and prepared, perhaps better than the British, was also a problem. Saying this we do not know would have happened otherwise but we can guess that the Battle may have achieved its aim and that there would not have been so much loss in so little time.
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