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why did detente fail
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In the early 1970s the Nixon adminsteration claimed that the era of confrontation with the soviet union was at end and the era of negotiation was begining. What was this era of confrontation then? In order to gain a broader insight into the developments that led to the adoption of the so-called era of negotiation, it would be precise to look at the main event that had sparked up and for the two superpowers, The Soviet Union and The United States to agree towards negotiations. Hence the debate over the origins of the Cold War. Traditionalists...
with the west would not only reduce the threat of conflict on the two frontsChina and America but might also hold out some prospects of isolating China and delaying its further military developments.

Allthough China Was backward militarily and economically, the Soviets feared its links with the West would make it a formidable adversary.

On the side of America, economic relations were regarded rather as a means of leverage in the lager scheme of detente . The main aim of the nixon administeration was to end the vietnam war and retain the United States global role.

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