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White Fang
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White Fang by Jack London, was written in 1906. The story is about a half-wolf, half-dog who is born from a she-wolf. His name is White Fang he is the only survivor of the litter. He becomes a pet of some Indians and becomes a great fighter. A man named Beauty Smith buys White Fang for liquor. Beauty uses White Fang to make money. He arranges fights to let people bet on, White Fang wins them all. Except A pitbull who bites White Fang in the neck and grips on. Finally a man named Weedon Scott punches Beauty and pries...
children stories to avoid time consumption, this book is not for you. On my rating scale I gave White Fang an "ok" because I am the kind of person who would rather read children stories to avoid time consumption. White Fang"s reading level is probably 9th or 10th grade because of it"s descriptive content, it"s hidden interpretations and older people have a longer attention span.

I have never seen the movie "White Fang" or knew there was one but I"m guessing that it is much less descriptive. Also it is probably based upon Weedon"s life rather than White Fang"s.

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