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arctic reasearch
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Arctic Research Aim A group of researchers set up a series of observation sites in the Arctic on a circumference of a circle of radius 50km.They need to set up a base camp so they can visit a different site each day. Assumptions These are assumptions that can be made. 1. Altitude 2. Weather conditions 3. Air resistance 4. Plane speed constant 5. Wind speed constant throughout/No gust/Same direction 6. Time for turning around 7. Time for taking off and landing 8. Rotation of the Earth 9....
could have done was to investigate to see how long journeys would take if the plane had time for taking off and landing or if the plane was to just circle around at the destination and go back to base. The assumption is that it would be easier to model the plane landing and taking off rather than flying around and then back to base because if it was to fly around you?é??d have to model if it was to do a circular or an ellipse turn. The circular turn would be easier to model than the ellipse.

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