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identify database coursework
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Identify Statement of the problem: Rotherhithe County Primary School has a small library. At the moment the school does not use an ICT system for its library. All of the Library information is kept on a file system. When a student or teacher wishes to borrow a book from the library all the relevant information has to be written in an exercise book. Due to budget cuts the school can no longer afford to employ the librarian. The head teacher of Rotherhithe Primary has suggested an ICT system, however she is unsure how to put this into practice....
small knowledge of ICT can use it without too much difficulty.

?é?À It should not take to long to sign out books, as the teacher doesn't have much time.

?é?À It should be password protected so that not just anyone can use it, otherwise the files could become tampered with.

?é?À The information should be easy to recall, so that at the click of a button the information can be seen.

?é?À The information should be written to a back up disk stored elsewhere in case of fire or the computer crashing etc.

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