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Testing a hypothesis.
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I was presented with some secondary data from Mayfield High School. The data contained information about height, weight, age etc. It represented pupils for both male and female. After a close analysis of the data, I found several hypotheses and the most convenient hypothesis I found was the heavier you are the taller you are. This hypothesis two kinds of quantitative data and was the most sophisticated statistical information to produce scatter diagrams, box and whisker plots and stem + leaf diagrams. I will use different samples to input the data on the diagram. PLAN After...
and people who were below the age of 25 and I would have looked at their heights and decide whether it had backed up my hypothesis, then I would have worked out the equation for the height. I would have improved the graphs and for example put the female's graph on one page and the males' graph on the other page and repeated this for each of the year group. This would have made the graph clearer and easier to read the information off the graph. However, overall I think that the investigation I did was fairly interesting.

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