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What effects the price of used cars?
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Introduction The aim of this investigation is to find what affects the price of used cars. To investigate this I have created four hypotheses. Hypotheses 1 The greater the mileage the greater the reduction in price. 2 The older the car, the more reduction in price. 3 Some makes of car depreciate in value more than others. 4 The more expensive when new the more it depreciates in price From these hypotheses I will find out which factors most effect the price depreciation in cars. Here is the formula to find percentage depreciation;...
to get a precise result or a bigger sample. Also I would need to test out more hypotheses to get a more reliable result. To get a clearer result I could have investigate more factors, for example the number of owners.I would also need to take into account why people buy second hand cars because some people do not buy second hand cars out of choice it is just their income affects how much they can spend on a car. To get a more precise result I would have to take all of these factors into account.

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