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What can marx"s writings tell us about class in comtempoary britain?
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Karl Marx was is the founding father of "Dialectical Materialism" and he was heralded with the new wave concept of the time "Marxism", Marx was born in Germany in 1818 and died in 1883 after a career that saw him take part in both the french and german revolutions. Marx was a student of both Bonn and Berlin university"s and during a rather truculent period of study found himself drawn to the writings of Georg Hegel. Georg Hegel was both a writer and thinker and had initated the foundations of the " dialectical method". Marx felt that...
ever richer whilst the "Proletariat" congratutates them- selves on accomplishing the national average wage ,?é?ú20880.00per annum. WWW.National 2003.

Marx"x writing of yester-year told us of the divide between the working classes and the ruling classes and the requirement for the Poletariat to " rise up" and enjoy the fruits of the "class-less society", unfortunately for Marx his dreams of a " class-less society" although theorectically feasible is both un-obtainable and a little out dated. As Britain continues its growth upwards and outwards Marx"s theoretical template carrys on its desent into its rightful place " History" !!!!

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