How The Length Of A Wire Is Affected By The Resistance
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Introduction To investigate how the length of a wire affects resistance in an electric circuit, different lengths of wire will be placed in an electrical circuit and the effects will be observed. An ammeter and voltmeter will be used to measure the current and voltage in the circuit. Then, resistance will be worked out by dividing the voltage by current. Resistance is the measure of how hard it is for electricity to push through a circuit. All conductors resist the flow of current to some extent. Howeaver, some resist more than others. The...
Overall, the experiment went well as the data fully supported the prediction, with the exception of one outlier (the average of the 50cm wire test). The prediction was based on the theory that the longer the wire, the further the current has to travel which gives a longer amount of time that the current is travelling against the ions creating resistance (as explained in further detail previously in the Introduction). The fact that the data supported the prediction shows that the experiment was carried out well with at least an adequate amount of accuracy as it produced the results expected.

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