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Year 10 coursework- Resistance of a wire
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Aim: In my experiment I am aiming to discover what happens to the resistance of a wire as the length is changed. Independent variables - Length of wire - Diameter of wire - Material of wire The factor I will be investigating is length. I have chose not to investigate the type of material of the wire because I would not be able to draw a line graph to analyse my results. I could not investigate the diameter of the wire due to limited resources. Background information - Electricity is a property of matter that results from the presence or...
doubling the amount of energy lost in these collisions. I predict that my results will look something like this: To make a fair test: -The diameter and material of the wire will be kept the same -The power pack will be kept at 4 volts. - The same wire and equipment will be used throughout the experiment. Safety precautions In order to perform a safe experiment, a low voltage was chosen and the power will only be switched on briefly so that overheating is minimilised. Also I will make sure that the wire is completely cool before touching it.
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