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Nazi rise to power
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The Nazi Party's rise to power was not simply due to luck. There were many key events and factors involved that were all partly responsible for the Nazis coming of power in 1933. A delicate democracy, an economy in which was crushed to pieces and an mortified people all played into the hands of the Nationalists. Hitler encouraged these theories claiming that he would rebuild Germany and lead his country to glory. The new republic faced crises on a number of fronts, but it was severely handicapped by a new constitution which was based on "proportional representation." This system of...
failed. The problems that arose were in some cases completely unavoidable. For example, the signing of Treaty could not have been avoided, and the "stab in the back" theory was flawed. The depression too, and the suffering caused was not down to the government. Nazi strengths made best use of the Republic's downfall, using propaganda to their best advantage and appealing to all areas of society Hitler encouraged all doubt of the Government.. He struck in the time of crisis for the Weimar Republic- the hyperinflation and the invasion of the Ruhr, with the Beer Hall Putsch.

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