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Although I do not think the New Deal was a huge success, I also do not think it was a complete failure as it did seem to have a few significant achievements such as restoring America's faith in themselves after the life changing Wall Street crash, which then caused the depression. One of the many consequences of the depression was not only the loss of faith in America itself, but also in the banks. Hundreds of people lost their savings, and a once strong and prosperous country had been reduced to a country living in poverty and grief. Also...
of its own money to achieve this. The real recovery of America's economy came with the Second World War because of war production; unemployment was at its lowest ever.

The New Deal restored Americans faith in themselves, and this was one of the main solutions in recovering America. It also restored confidence in banks, helped many people back to work, improved working conditions and it revived America's economy. However, although these things were very successful, there were also many failures such as helping the extremely poor, restoring farmers' income and basically helping all Americans as a whole.

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