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Why were British troops sent to Northern Ireland in August 1969?
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In 1969 the British Government sent British troops into Northern Ireland. The arrival of the British army in Northern Ireland was due to the increasing disturbances throughout Northern Ireland between the Catholics and Protestants. Another occurrence of disturbance throughout Northern Ireland was the Burntollet Bridge march in January 1969. The march was again about the unfair allocation of council housing. Protesters also marched for equal employment and an end to extra votes for wealthier citizens. Protesters were attacked by a Loyalist mob. On television cameras, B-specials were seen to be amongst the mob and this portrayed the RUC to...
restore order.

Many Catholics originally welcomed Terence O'Neil's talk of a better deal for Catholics but his reforms were too slow in coming and some Catholics became impatient and frustrated. So, in 1967 a group of Catholics got together and set up a Civil Rights Association. This organisation demanded intermediate reform in the way Northern Ireland was run. From October 1968, they organised a series of protest marches and demonstrations in the hope of speeding up the reforms. But fighting broke out between Catholics and Protestants. So these marches ended in violence and bloodshed between Catholics and Protestants.

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