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Catholics views and teachings on wealth are quite clear.
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Catholics views and teachings on wealth are quite clear. Catholics teach that wealth is something that can be used for a number of good things but it can also be used for a number of evil things. Catholics think that wealth in life is not a bad thing but wealth can lead people away from God. Catholics teach that the wealthy should help the needy and if they choose not to then this is a grave sin. " If anyone is well off in wordly possessions and see's his brother in need, but closes his heart...
this teaching but I can also see how other people's points of view on poverty may differ. Some people may believe that these poor countries are only in this position because of bad decisions made by their governments, and that they should be made to pay for theses decisions. Others may feel that they do not want to give away their hard earned money for no particular reason.

The arguments about rich and poor countries and poverty are exhaustible; people will make up there own minds on how they feel and on how they should act.

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