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Essay writing is one of the most common tasks for students, particularly in Higher Education. If you have to write an essay and do it at a top-notch level, you will need guidance on what to do to maximise your chances of getting good marks.
Select from Tips and How-Tos below on how to write an essay, how to improve your essay and how to avoid mistakes in essay writing.

How to Write an Essay

Writing an academic essay is a common requirement in any curriculum. Essays come in different forms – some argumentative, some informative – but no matter the form, the manner for writing an academic essay remains the same. Here are simple steps on writing an essay... Read more

Top Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing is perhaps one of the most common yet important tasks that students face in university. Essays are used to gauge a student’s understanding of the topics discussed in class and the quality of these essays serve as basis for a student’s marks... Read more

Top Essay Writing Mistakes

University students face essay writing tasks regularly while pursuing their degree. To create good quality essays, students need to conduct research, organise their ideas, and translate those ideas in a well-structured manner onto paper. This is by no means a straightforward task; and many students can easily fall prey to essay writing mistakes... Read more