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In this course work we are looking at how the Newsround creators change the 6 o'clock news to be suitable for a younger age group.
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In each programme of Newsround the music is strange but a bit fun aswell. The mood it sets is that it is for younger children and not for adults. The first image that the public sees is of a computer generated Newsround logo, which then leads into a still camera shot of the presenter. The impressions that these images give us is that it is a lively and up beat show. In the programme the first camera shot is of the presenter because she welcomes you to the show. What you see of the studio is a big chair...
tilted camera angles to make it look better than just having the camera straight all the time.

I feel that they have been very successful in changing the 6 o'clock news to suit kids. For example it makes it easier for kids to understand than the normal news. Also they don't say "you" they say "the public", they do this to get you involved which makes it more interesting.

So in conclusion I think that the programme makers of Newsround have done a great job in adapting an adult news format to suit a younger audience.

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